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DOT reflective tape - trailer reflective tape

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Variations of DOT reflective tape, DOT tape and conspicuity tape available in rolls or strips.

The 3m Diamond Grade conspicuity tape sets the standard for all DOT-C2 tape It carries a larger price tag with it's brand notoriety. So we placed the 3m tape on a plain white sheet and did a few comparisons in different lighting to show our customers the differences between the $180/roll 3m product and our products as well as a close competitors so they can see why we are proud to offer our product at a fair price that out works and outlasts other tapes.

dot reflective tape

DOT reflective tape

With numerous reasons for needing Red and White - C2 tape separate, we are determined to go above and beyond the needs of our customers, both residential and commercial. For your fleet, whether it is a fleet of one, or one hundred, our DOT tape is highly rated for all tractor trailers, trucks, and tankers. With one of a kind, micro-prismatic technology, our safety tape has the highest reflectivity rate compared to any other in the market. With the shine of over 1,000 candles, you can ensure that your vehicle will be seen well in advance.

In compliance with DOT regulations, all commercial vehicles must have DOT safety tape at specific intervals. With this roll of just red reflective tape, you can easily replace and renew your fading safety tape as the job requires. Our reflective tape for trucks is durable and long lasting, resistant even under strong power washing, and extreme weather without fading our corner lift. Upgrade your safety tape one section at a time, every bit of extra visibility helps when it comes to alerting motorists around your vehicle.

dot reflective tape

Our prismatic reflective tape for tractor trailers provides Industry leading reflective properties as well as adhesive properties. Our tape is notorious for being a top performer in all weather conditions and having durability exceeding that of our competitors. When choosing a conspicuity tape for your vehicle be sure to evaluate the materials used in the product that you're buying... choosing a glass bead type tape will normally limit durability and reflective properties where as a micro prismatic tape will offer a longer service life and will be higher performing and provide a more intense reflection. Tractor trailer safety on the road is paramount that is why we deliver a product we know to perform better than any other tape in the industry and we provide photographs to show you the difference between our competitors products and ours.

Reflective tape comaprereflective tape compare two

the tapes in reflection

 The competitors Product featured here is a glass bead manufactured tape. It has good reflective properties but is much thinner and its durability life is much shorter. It also will fold and be manipulated much easier than our tape. The 3m Diamond Grade DOT tape featured offers very similar properties to our tape however it is nearly twice the price.

 DOT-C2 Reflective Conspicuity Tape

This is a highly rated reflective tape tailored for virtually all weather conditions and perfectly suited for all trucks including those trucks over 80" wide and over 10,000 lbs in weight. This reflective tape exceeds the Department of Transportation (DOT) standards given it's design aspects, you are sure of protecting your safety and the safety of the people around you.  These and more amazing features all packaged into one product:

Weather resistant

A Robust self-adhesive back

Ability to reflect light in all directions

Adherence to the DOT (department of Transport) regulations

A highly reflective and visible material

Easy to Apply

Long lasting durability and intense reflection

Dot Tape - conspicuity tape placement and regulations

For full and conclusive rules and regulations regarding the placement of your DOT tape see here. Our simple diagram allows you to see where your DOT reflective tape should be placed in regards to a full sized tractor trailer. For smaller applications you may place the strips as you wish along the side and rear of the trailers to ensure maximum visibility. We recommend the red and white alternating strips and rolls as they provide aggressive and prominent nighttime visibility. Conspicuity tape can prevent serious injury or death on the roads which is why we take our products seriously and provide you with a high intensity reflection and an industrial grade adhesive. DOT tape can either be produced in a glass bead or micro prismatic fashion. We will soon be offering a glass bead DOT tape for application in which more flexibility is required. The microprismatic tape has a more rigid and sturdy design to ensure it's durability in all weather conditions for several years. The glass beat DOT tape offers a fast and easy to apply solution that also has more pliability and flexibility for a variety of applications.  Shop DOT Reflective tape.


Trailer reflective tape 

When choosing a reflective trailer tape your first priorities should be luminosity, reflectivity and safety. Conspicuity tape placed on tractor-trailers or tow behind trailers is an important and life saving product. For this reason we have chosen a reflective tape for trucks that we know you can rely on for safety and security for years to come. Our product is manufactured using only the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and reflective properties. While choosing a trailer reflective tape make sure to examine pictures of the product in an illuminated state. This will help to show you exactly how the product will perform when it is applied to your specific application.

DOT reflective tape for trailers is manufactured in both roles and precut strips. Sometimes the strips are referred to as DOT stickers for trucks as they appear to be simply stickers. For smaller applications the strips might be easier to use if you do not have to cover a large space they are already cut and are easy to apply however you will not be able to easily apply a large 10 foot strip like you might have to on a larger application.

Be sure to place your reflective tape in the correct positions and to use the right colors in your application. If you have a small trailer you are using for towing you can use the DOT tape only. If you have a larger truck in which the top corners must be marked you're required to use white reflective tape as well.

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The road is an unpredictable place. What happens when a trailer leaves your yard or business, and what happens on the way to its destination can baffle even the best of them. One thing that should never waiver is the ability of the trailer to be seen. DOT Reflective Safety Tape is designed to do just that. Allowing your fleet to be seen and heard is one way to prevent accidents, and protect your assets. No matter if you are an independent contractor, or you own a fleet, having high-quality DOT safety tape is required for you to operate on the road.

Sharing the Road

For those who are comfortable in large tractor trailers, it can be hard to imagine life from down below. On the road, there are hundreds of models of vehicles, some very big, and others very tiny. During optimal conditions, you can see them, and they can see you. However, when it rains, snows, becomes foggy, or night falls, these conditions become vastly different. To continue to provide visibility, even in poor light conditions, the Department of Transport (DOT) has mandated that commercial vehicles, such as your trailer, have light reflecting tape every few inches along the sides, as well as along the back, doors, and railing.

While you may be able to dominate the road due to the sheer size of your load, those around you may not be able to see you clearly from a distance. Accidents can happen when a smaller vehicle slides under the trailer or mistakenly cuts under it. By clearly marking your fleet, you can ensure that you are both seen and heard while on the road. Our DOT reflective tape outshines the competitors with clean, bright colors and innovative technology. Using prismatic patterns and glass beads in our strips, you can be sure that your tractor, trailer, tanker, and bus are seen from a maximum distance.

Should the worst happen, and an accident occurs, our durable strips will stay on and continue to reflect, warning other drivers the state of the vehicle, prevent further damage. The reflective tape will also be sufficient for locating the scene of an accident, in the case of a low light situation. Using trailer reflective tape will also be visual to those around you in low light conditions.

What Is The Purpose of Safety Tape?

DOT tape, reflective tape, and commonly known as safety tape, is required for all commercial vehicles, whether that be a trailer, tanker, or even a school bus. Those who are new to the industry often ask what the purpose of these colorful, bright strips of tape is for.

The easiest and the most concise answer is that safety tape is used to increase the visibility of large road obstacles. That means trailers, tankers, flatbeds, traffic cones, and even guard rails will all have some sort of reflective tape on them. If you can see it during the day, and cannot at night, the dimensions need to be clearly marked with DOT reflective tape.

Our safety strips are specialized to reflect even in the lowest light conditions. Our value is unbeatable because we never compromise on the quality of our safety tape.

Replace Your DOT Tape With Ease

Replacing safety tape on your fleet is the last thing on your mind; after all, you can see it during the day and it still is pretty reflective, it’s still good, right? Wrong. Most safety tapes only have a lifespan of 3-5 years, depending on the elements they must endure.

Our safety strips last 10 long years, with no fading, peeling, or cracking. When applied to a clean place and firmly pressed, these strips are meant to create their own seal, meaning less work for you, and the faster you can bring your fleet up to code.

To remove our rugged reflective tape, carefully use a razor blade and start at one corner and begin to edge the blade under the strip. Continue to use firm pressure while peeling back the strip. After removing, thoroughly clean the area before applying a new strip.


Why Do You Carry Separate Strips?

Because we cater to all of our clients, there has been an intense demand for our red and white prismatic DOT safety tape to be offered in separate rolls. This is for companies who replace their own strips, for customers with specific preferences. It all comes down to preference. Most will opt for the precut strips that are easily applied without any forward thinking, and can be done in a matter of minutes.

No matter if you are cutting your own strips, or using our convenient precut DOT safety tape, we have handy placement guides that will ensure you meet the standards for your vehicle.

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At Reflective Tape Direct, we believe that only superior products should make it to our customers. In stock, we have a variety of reflective safety tape, including precut and rolls for your convenience. Each of our products are made of high quality, prismatic, durable material. With no special equipment needed, replacing your faded tape has never been easier, and our quality cannot be beaten.

Uses For Reflective Tape

When we think about the reflective tape, most of the time we limit ourselves to commercial vehicles. However, there are numerous applications in which you can utilize DOT reflective tape for your home of office.

Mark Driveways- Have you or your clients ever missed your driveway because they could not see it? Remedy that problem with a few strips of red or white reflective tape and a yardstick.

 Define Mailboxes- No one wants to back into a mailbox, but it is very easy to do when they are not clearly marked. Save yourself some trouble and mark the mailbox at the top, bottom, and sides. For the most effective use, place it on the edges, to clearly define how much space needs to be left.

 Find Your Trash barrels- On the same note of mailboxes, backing into a trash can is never a good way to start or end the day. Instead of guessing where your can may have been placed, or hunting for it when at night when it fell over into the ditch, save yourself the time and hassle and add a few strips of this highly reflective DOT tape. These strips will reflect in any condition and are suited for outdoor, rugged wear and tear, making them perfect for trash cans too.

 Reflective Tape For All Purposes including trailer reflective tape.

While not required by law as of yet, adding safety tape to your off-road vehicles, bikes, dirt bikes, and campers, gives you the added peace of mind that your assets will be seen, and drivers are able to accommodate them. Accidents happen when an object is misjudged or not noticed. Avoid these costly occurrences by making sure you, the items you are hauling, or the vehicle you ride is thoroughly marked with DOT tape. There is no law against placing these strips on items, as it is better to have obstacles on the roadways clearly identified, for your safety, and others.


How DOT reflective tape saves lives,

Reflective tape saves an estimated 350 lives a year. 

The DOT estimates that the implementation of the mandated DOT reflective tape helps to prevent a number of casualties every year. In recent reports the number of people saved by the reflective tape is around 350 people a year. This does not account for the numerous persons which benefit from the reflective material. So how does the reflective tape actually contribute to highway safety? Here are a few specific ways in which reflective tape saves lives.

DOT approved reflective tape acts as a preventive measure

DOT regulations state that commercial vehicles and most governmental vehicles be trimmed in reflective sheeting/tape to help boost visibility at night and in adverse weather conditions. The way in which the tape works in these situations is by capturing and reflecting the light back to the divers on the road. As DOT approved tape is constructed with a spherical mirror like reflector, light can be reflected from every angle. This is the fundamental difference between general use reflective tape which is used on bikes, helmets, and personal leisure and recreation vehicles.

The multi-directional reflection capabilities of DOT approved reflective tape allows drivers to see the undercarriage area of trailers, flatbeds, and other vehicles which could pose a fatal risk to the driver. As commercial vehicles and Governmental transportation vehicles, such as a school bus, sit on a higher platform than the commuter vehicle, the potential for a driver to collide and go under the larger vehicle is great. When the reflective tape is in place the driver becomes more conscious of the danger, and hopefully, keeps a safe distance from the larger vehicle.

Night Functionality of DOT Approved tape

Commercial and Government vehicles which operate during all hours of the day and night must be able to be identified, regardless of the sunlight available. Emergency vehicles are especially in need of the DOT approved tape when driving at night. The high speed in which they operate, as well as having to in many cases transport additional persons mandate that the vehicle can be seen and identified at all times. As DOT approved tape reflects light from any source, streetlights and headlights play an intrical part in keeping the vehicle seen. This is especially useful when the truck or trailer is parked and the headlights of the vehicle are not assisting in identifying the location of the vehicle. Due to the design of reflective tape, even from the side, a driver will be able to see the trailer and avoid unnecessary collisions.

Some vehicles require both daytime and nighttime tape to be applied to the vehicle. Check the regulations of the DOT so that you will understand the color and the placement of tape on the vehicle to meet the specified regulations in your area.

DOT Approved Reflective tape is not just for prevention

Where the DOT approved reflective tape is generally meant for preventive measures, the tape goes beyond being just a preventive tool, especially in school buses and in transportation vehicles. Regulations mandate that these vehicles have:

A minimum of 1” reflective tape on the base trim of the vehicle

Side reflective tape (depending on the state)

All emergency windows marked

All emergency exits and doors trimmed

There are differences between the states. However, the overall requirements do not differ. If you have questions about the DOT regulations of a particular vehicle you are encouraged to visit the FMVSS official page or their local DOT website.

Keep your vehicle up to date with its reflective sheeting/tape

Tape and other reflective surfaces dim and fade over time. This can be the result of age or the result of wear and tear. Pressure washing, scrubbing, scraping, and the sun all play a part. Ensure that your reflectors are working as they are designed. If you find that the reflective spheres are damaged or missing from your tape, or if you find that the tape/sheeting has become damaged, you are strongly encouraged to replace the reflective surface.

Do you need DOT approved reflective tape? We can help

Reflective Tape Direct provides an assortment of DOT-C2 reflective tapes for an array of commercial and governmental vehicles. Tapes are available in strips, rolls, and in diverse widths. The tapes offered by are specifically designed to reflect light at a 90 degree angle. Furthermore, all the tapes offered meet the DOT stipulations for reflective sheeting. Should you have any questions about the products offered on or if you have any inquires as to the requirements set forth by the DOT/ FMVSS regarding the need for utilizing reflective tape/sheeting on a vehicle please let us know.

Ensure your commercial vehicle is ready for the road

Use DOT Approved Reflective tape to meet safety requirements

Commercial vehicles are mandated by the Department of Transportation to have lamps and reflectors.  Section 393.11 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) states all commercial motor vehicles “shall be equipped with either retroreflective sheeting that meets the requirements of FMVSS 108, reflex reflectors that meet the requirements of FMVSS 108, or a combination.” The reason for such an inclusion on the exterior of your vehicle is to allow other vehicles to see either the cargo or the main vehicle at night or in poor lighting/weather conditions. It is estimated that the since the mandate, 350 lives are spared annually as a result of the reflective indicators.

Because the placement and the type of tape approved by the DOT is regulated,  it is important that you choose a reflective tape that meets the requirements of the DOT and place the tape according to the suggestion of the FMCSA. offers an assortment of tapes which meet these requirements whether you are a small commercial vehicle or a governmental transport vehicle, such as a bus.

What kind of tape you purchase matters

Reflective tape which is approved by the DOT must be able to gather and then transmit light back from any angle. General use tape is ineffective in doing this as it is not intended for commercial vehicles but rather for leisure use (such as on a bike or on a helmet). DOT approved reflective tape differs from the general use reflective tape in that it is constructed of glass spheres within the material. The spheres act as parabolic mirrors, meaning it reflects the light from all angles instead of from a specified angle.

Who should use reflective tape?

Reflective tape is mandated on all commercial vehicles, especially on those which have trailers and attachable cargo (freight). Government vehicles are also mandated to have reflective tape, specifically on school buses, ambulances, and other public service vehicles. Excluded from the list of mandated vehicles are trailers which are used for home and office use (not intended for the highway), logging trucks (in some states), and certain flatbeds. However, even though these vehicles are exempt from the mandate, it is encouraged that operators of these vehicles utilize the reflective tape as most states do require some form of reflective surface, lamps, or lighting to be present.

Commercial vehicles which already have reflective materials should inspect the vehicle to ensure that the selected sheeting meets the requirements of the DOT. Light should be clearly reflected from the tape. If the tape has aged or has become frayed, it should be replaced. Trailers which are pressure washed or scrubbed often should be checked for defects in the reflective tape. For example: Waste Disposal Trucks and Dump Trucks which are pressure washed and cleaned regularly may experience dimming on the tape. Replacement of the damaged tape is advised.

Colors and Placement

Every state varies in their methodology of tape placement. However, there are a few common rules of thumb which apply to most commercial vehicles. When choosing your DOT approved reflective tape consider:

Does the color mark the vehicle as being an Emergency or Public Service vehicle?

How wide is the tape? Regulations generally put the width of the tape at a minimum of 1” wide

Government vehicles are typically marked in Red, White, and yellow. In some cases orange is used.

Some vehicles require a daytime and a nighttime color to be applied. If unsure about the requirements, or if you are traveling out of state it is advised that you check with the Federal guidelines for reflective tape to ensure that you meet the requirements of the DOT.

As the tape is required to be placed around the exterior edge of trailers and cargo, tape should be wide enough not to be obscured by side peripherals and fixtures.

Government Commercial Vehicles

Government vehicles have slightly higher regulations then that of the public commuter commercial vehicle. Specifically, school buses and transportation vehicles of the public must be marked with approved DOT reflective material. All exits including windows should be outlined with reflective tape. Additionally, the color and the framing of the rear of the vehicle must meet the DOT regulations.

Where should you get your tape?

When choosing a reflective tape for your commercial or government vehicle, it is critical that you choose a provider that has tape which meets or exceeds the requirements of the FMVSS. provides DOT approved tape. Should you need assistance in determining the correct color, size, and placement of your reflective tape, please contact us. Shop trailer reflective tape here.