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DOT-C2 Tape Strips

DOT-C2 Safety Strips are 6"x11" inches long and provide an easy and straightforward application. These strips are perfect for smaller vehicles or specific placements on trailers, tow trucks, tankers, large tractor trailers and all commercial and private applications. They are quick and easy to apply to a clean surface and will remain in tact and in place.

The 3m Diamond Grade conspicuity tape sets the standard for all DOT-C2 tape It carries a larger price tag with it's brand notoriety. So we placed the 3m tape on a plain white sheet and did a few comparisons in different lighting to show our customers the differences between the $180/roll 3m product and our products as well as a close competitors so they can see why we are proud to offer our product at a fair price that out works and outlasts other tapes.

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