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Conspicuity tape

The Department of Transportation has numerous regulations when it comes to transporting materials, and those rules are expanded to encompass the vehicle that is transporting them. But having to find where to get your highly reflective safety tape can be a chore, not to mention installing it. Thankfully, our DOT-C2 tape is able to fulfill your requirements and is easy to install. Simply clean the area, dry, cut the safety tape to the size you need and press it on.  The reflective tape for tractors is required to improve the visibility between the front, back and sides of the vehicle when passing. This safety tape is necessary for all conditions, not just low light, poor visibility areas.

reflective tape for trucks

Having micro-prismatic reflective tape or conspicuity tape on your vehicle will ensure compliance with basic DOT regulations while also giving you peace of mind that you are alerting motorists around you of your location in the lane. We strive to do more than just serve basic needs, this tape is hassle free to install, is long lasting, and prismatic, emitting a shine that is comparable to 1,000 candles! Use the best product you can to protect you and your investments.


No matter if you are working in a shop, professionally installing conspicuity tape, or perhaps you need to replace some of your worn out DOT reflective tape, these handy tape strips will make maintenance of your trailer or tractor easy and affordable. This safety tape is a great alternative to having to buy the full roll, without skipping out on any of the benefits. Each strip is precut to 2”x11” strips for easy application. Simply follow the guidelines above, for proper placement on your truck, trailer, or tanker. Be advised, you should clean and dry the area before applying to ensure a great seal with your vehicle.  DOT safety tape for trucks is crucial to meeting specific guidelines for visibility. When on the road, safe driving, and being seen is the top priority for motorists. Our highly reflective DOT tape uses micro-prismatic marking technology to ensure that your vehicle is seen from any angle, even in low-light condition.

Our durable, easy to install design DOT safety tape strips are ready to adhere to any clean, dry surface. Keep up with your requirements as a driver and make sure you use only the best safety tape for your tractor trailer, tanker, and large vehicles.

conspicuity tape


In many cases, white DOT tape will be the first to fade. With our advanced coloring and micro-prismatic sheeting, our white DOT-C2 tape is long lasting, and can be seen even in low light conditions. There are many reasons why your DOT safety tape can be damaged, worn, or even lost entirely, and it all revolves around a poorly made product. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on constantly replacing your old safety tape, you can save money, and time, by replacing the sections that need repair, when you need them. The purpose of this solid white roll of DOT safety tape for trucks, trailers, and tankers is to meet the very strict guidelines in regards to being clearly marked. Because white is the most noticeable when light is shone upon it, it is critical it remains undamaged. This safety tape is able to withstand the elements, no matter the extremes, it also is durable enough the handle power washing without any slippage or corners lifting.

What's the Purpose of Conspicuity tape?

I bet you haven't given it much thought, but you see reflective tape constantly.  Reflective tape is mainly referred to as being retro-reflective.  What that means is that it gathers and ricochets light directly back to its source.  It doesn't matter where the light is produced  from – a vehicle front lamp or a spotlight – reflecting light is its specific  purpose.

Retro-reflective tape allows objects to be seen in the dark or in darkly lit areas.  It is also used to stamp specific boundaries.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) are avid when it comes to guaranteeing that lawful  procedures are followed when using conspicuous materials on the sides and rear of semi-trailers. 

Who Uses Reflective Tape?

Despite the fact that reflective tape was initially designated to be used in the trucking (transportation) industry, it can also be used on agricultural equipment, campers and RVs, watercraft, awkward driveways, out of the way mailboxes and garbage cans.   

Government rules and regulations sanction that retro-reflective tape on commercial vehicles that need increased visibility.  The tape is made to withstand heavy rains, treacherous winds, UV rays and some chemicals.  It's anything but difficult to apply  so you don't need to stress about the time it's going to take to install.  There's no downtime whatsoever. 

How Does Reflective Tape Work?

Reflective tape works by simply reflecting light back to the source of the light or back in the same direction from which it came.  It only works when light is directed at the tape and it must be in accordance with the individual's eyes to see the tape reflecting. 

A Practical Reflective Solution

Do you need a savvy but cost effective way to mark your box trailer?  Reflective Tape Direct is a logical solution when it comes to marking your equipment for safe travel.  Marking your trailer with reflective tape is easy and quick.  It will last a long time – likely it will survive extreme climate conditions and most harsh chemicals.

Nonetheless, it's a requirement set by OSHA and DOT.  In addition to meeting safety standards, it makes your tanker or box trailer look professional.  The regulation's intend is to make tractor trailers unmistakable and highly visible to other motor vehicles on the road.  The trailer is supposed to alternate red and white patterns.  With the reflecting tape on all sides of the trailer, it helps to ensure that it's seen and that drivers can judge the distance between two moving vehicles.

Statistically Speaking About Crash Reductions

When conditions are dull or not sufficiently bright, the reflective tape decreases the effect of trailers right around 30%.  If you didn't know, most accidents happen during the weekday.  Surprisingly, they happen while climate conditions are clear and where the speed limits are higher than 50 mph. 

However, these statistics don't include data received from the local county authorities or roads that have a moderate velocity limit.   The local agencies report  that no less than 65-78% of accidents occur in urban areas; 68% happen on county and local roadways and 65% occur where speed breaking points are slower than 50 mph. 

Conspicuity tape is important to maintaining safety on the roadways. Having your truck, tractor, or tanker clearly marked (use the guides above for help) allows other motorists to see you from a far distance, and prepare to share the road. Preparedness, Safety, and Visibility are the three core reasons why replacing your white DOT safety tape with our white DOT highly reflective tape. Shop Conspicuity tape here.

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