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Is shipping really free?

-Yes we ship all order for free through USPS priority mail with usually one day processing.

How does your product compare to the 3m product?

-Our product is a direct competitor to the 3m Diamond Grade tape. We use images if both tapes in reflective scenarios to show the differences which are extremely small. We both use a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive and the tapes have around a 7 year lifespan and the relative thickness is very similar.

3m tape compare

3m reflective tape comparison

Can I order over the phone?

-Yes but the process is the exact same as if you were to complete your purchase online so we recommend completing your order conveniently online and applying any coupons you may have.

Do you have any other tapes besides the ones featured on your site?

-YES, we have access to one of the largest reflective manufacturers in the world here in State, so call or email us for bulk projects.-No, not at this time.

Business hours are 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. 

Phone: 1 (877) 792-0644