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Reflective tape

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We know that selecting a reflective tape for your trucks means choosing a product that contains the highest level of quality and safety features. We have three simple goals in mind:

  • Provide a superior and long lasting product that outshines the competition.
  • Offer our customers Free shipping.
  • Deliver value with a price point that is unbeatable.

Our Reflective tape features:

  • Weather resistant and corrosive resistant.
  • Able to withstand both subzero temperatures and extreme heat.
  • Industrial grade adhesive for maximum seal and longevity.
  • An intense light reflection for up to a 90 degree angle.
  • Easy to cut an apply for ease of use and flexibility.

reflective tape

 DOT Reflective tape is a life saving product and we take it seriously by providing a long lasting high intensity tape that can be seen from almost any angle on the road. Choosing quality a DOT tape for your truck, tractor trailer or tanker can be a life saving decision in a poor visibility or low light condition which is why we only offer the most intensely reflective tape possible. With the engineering and development our products have we know they will perform in various weather and lighting conditions which is why we provide images to show comparisons in varying lighting conditions.

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Benefits of Reflective/Conspicuity Tape

When trailers contain reflective tape, it could be saving a life.  An estimated 350 lives are spared every year and another 5,000 crashes and injuries are prevented by installing conspicuity tape.  Many drivers return home to their family and friends because of this one simple apparatus that is often overlooked. Reflective tape also ensures that your trailer will be up to DOT regulations and in compliance with highway authorities so that you can travel worry free.

Sometimes, reflective tape can be the victim of extended wear and tear.  Nonexistent or peeling tape from the rear is more common than missing tape on the sides, but the rear is where it is needed the most and can sometimes fray or become damaged over time. The back of the trailer is more likely to have scraps and damages due to loading and off loading.  Be that as it may, not all trailers need to have these markings. 

Trailers that are not utilized as transportation for example, one that is used as a home or office is not obligated to convey these markings or conspicuity tape.  Flatbeds used to carry logs are excluded from having reflective tape, although they may have reflex reflectors or DOT stickers for trucks. DOT tape should still be used on trailers and trucks in almost all circumstances in order to ensure the safety of every traveler on the road.

Shopping for reflective tape for trucks or dot reflective tape for trailers? You have come to the right place. We do everything we can to show the value our product has versus the competition.Reflective tape for trailers is an important product and you should make an informed decision. Choose a truck or trailer reflective tape that you can see will shine bright and be durable during all weather conditions. We have several products to meet your needs. Shop reflective tape here.