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Weird and frequent slip and falls happening on hardwood stairs this year?

-November 10th, 2018 Philadeliphia, PA

So far there have been a record number of slip and fall incidents across the US this year on hardwood stairs. Some statistics from countrywide medical facilities citing up to 129 children a day under the age of 17 a day needing expensive medical treatment for a variety of slip and fall injuries ranging from bruised and twisted ankles to even spinal damage and acute paralysis.

 -Submissions from Stacey Hanover, Chino, CA

“It's just unfortunate that children don’t take a few seconds to either put on shoes while walking down wooden stairs or at least have some form of a safety stair tread installed. They tend to just forget and rush down them with socks on, we see it time and time again.

If you get stair treads you’re safe even if they get wet so that’s always what I recommend to patients in the future.”  -Dr. Patricia Meyers, Center for spinal rehabilitation

 Dr. Meyers says treating patients in 2018 has been challenging and upsetting as she cites cases of not only broken bones but potential lifetime paralysis in extreme cases. She claims "anything you can do to protect a child from a life altering slip and fall is critically important."


So what can you do to protect your family?

The solution is surprisingly simple...


  1. (Easiest Solution) Install a quality, "easy stick" safety stair tread to ensure perfect non-slip footing with bare feet, socks or shoes. Get them HERE now while still on the special November safety sale.
  2. Ensure the steps are always completely dry when walking on them especially in low light conditions.
  3. Ensure the stairs are completely clean and dry for stable walking conditions with and without shoes.

It would be irresponsible as a caring parent not to.


“After my son got hurt on the stairs again last year I finally decided it was time to get some treads, he hasn't slipped since and I feel much betting knowing he’s safe.” Sandra L.  -Austin, TX


“I bought the safety stair treads to make sure we don’t have an injury in the house and I couldn't be happier. Great product, great price.” Patricia M. Chicago, IL


“Never want to see my child in a hospital bed like that again, I felt like I couldn't protect him while he was laying there helpless... he's always in his socks on the hardwoods stairs...I bought the stair treads so now he won’t slip again.” Dane P. Springfield, MA


“Even though we don't have kids yet, we do have two small Maltese dogs, they always loose their footing on bare stairs without treads. Since we got the treads they can run full speed with no issues, thanks again.” Meghan D. Nashville, TN